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How to get involved in Locus Map development?

Locus Map Beta testing

As all other mobile or PC applications also Locus Map needs testing and feedback before releasing a new version with new functions and features. Therefore there are so-called Beta versions pre-released on which these new functions and features are tested by developers and helpful users as well. These Beta versions are public and they are free.

  • How to get to Beta testing see here >>

Locus Map translations

Locus Map has been translated into many World languages. The translating process is provided by a crowdsourcing project and helpful users in many countries. Anybody who is willing to help with translations is welcome!

Voting for new ideas on Locus Map helpdesk

Many ideas that move Locus Map forward are coming from its users. The place where they offer and store the ideas is Locus Map HELPDESK >>.

The ideas there collect VOTES from other users and largely influence the working plan of Menion, the main developer.

The way how to post the ideas is explained in the chapter about contacting Locus Team.

Keep in mind that the number of votes is just one of many factors influencing implementing the ideas. Among others:

  • point of view of overall Locus Map usability
  • time (and other resources) demand
  • dependence on 3rd party resources (databases, server-side solutions, applications, etc.)

TTS files translations

TTS (Text To Speech) files are used for voice navigation or training voice notifications. The main problem of TTS is correct spelling of numbers. To make it work at 100% Menion created a system where all texts are stored in text files in a usable format prepared for reading.

In English it's not so bad, there are only one/first, but for example in Czech, there are four possibilities jeden/jednu/první/prvním. So this file may contain arrays names numbers_NX where X is 1 - 5. You may then use these numbers in action texts.

The format of this file is JSON. It's a little bit complicated to write but much easier to read and work with.

How to help with translation?

  • TTS files are stored on a shared Google Drive
  • all changes Menion does are stored in the README file so read it once a time to check if there is something new
  • recommended way to modify the files is in Google Docs: tap on “Tools” > “Manage apps” > “Connect more apps” > “Anyfile Notepad”! It allows editing these TTS files directly on the web and mainly, it has very good JSON syntax highlight and error reports (e.g. incorrect syntax).

If you want to translate TTS to language that you don't find on Google Drive, write us and we'll gladly add it.

  • further details, tips, and tricks are available in this Locus forum >>
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