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Locus Map Lite

An early iOS version of Locus Map


An early stage of the iOS variant of outdoor navigation app Locus Map, full-featured and popular on Android devices. Development started from scratch in 2023.

In May 2024, the app offers the following:

FAQ for early adopters

Can I import my activities from Apple Health?

  • You can import outdoor activities recorded with an Apple Watch or another tracking device which are stored in the Health app.

Can I sync the iOS app with my Android phone?

  • Yes, you can. Just use the same Locus account you use on your Android phone. And make sure you have the Premium Gold active.

How can I plan routes for the iOS app?

Can I import a GPX file to the app?

  • Yes, you can import tracks, routes and points from a GPX file stored in your iOS device. Either tap the file directly in your device storage or open Locus Map and select Import to a particular track or point folder.

Does the app use offline maps?

  • Not yet, we've still been working on it - we hope offline maps are soon to be added. At the moment, you need to be online to see the map.

Can the app navigate?

  • Not yet. You can display the route on the screen and see your position on it.

Can the app guide to points, e.g. geocaches?

  • Not yet. But you can display the geocaches on the screen and monitor your current GPS location.

Key Features

For detailed articles on particular app features, please follow these links:

Map Screen Map Screen

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Search Search

Track Recording Track Recording

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