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-{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_symbol_map_scale_dark.png?nolink|}}====== Measuring Distance ======+{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_path_add_new_alt.png?nolink|}}====== Measuring distance&area ======
 ---- ----
-There are three ways of measuring the distance between two points in Locus Map: +===== Measuring distance =====
-  * **(1) beeline measuring** - measuring of straight distance between two points +
-  * **(2) road measuring** - measuring distance along the road.  +
-  * **track measuring** - measuring distance that was passed is described in detail in [[manual:user_guide:tracks:recording|track recording >>]] +
-The first and second method is provided by the **Add new route&Measure** feature: +There are three methods of measuring the distance between two points in Locus Map: 
-  * <wrap box>Menu > More > Add new route & Measure</wrap> +  * **beeline measuring** - measuring of straight distance between two points 
-  * <wrap box>the function can be added to the [[manual:user_guide:functions:panel|Function panels]] for quick launch</wrap>+  * **road distance measuring** - measuring distance of two points along roads and paths 
 +  * **track measuring** - measuring recorded distance is described in detail in [[manual:user_guide:tracks:recording|track recording >>]] 
-The feature displays additional controlling items to the main screen as is described in **[[manual:user_guide:tracks:planning#route_planning_screen|Route planning >>]]**:+==== Beeline measuring ====
-===== Measuring instructions ===== +=== Quick distance measuring === 
-  {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:measure.png?nolink|}}**make necessary settings** - e.g. select routing service if you want to measure road distance using route calculation +The quickest way of measuring the distance between **any two points on the map screen**. 
-    * //Menu > Settings > Navigation// +  go to //Settings > Controlling Map screen > Two-finger measuring// - check 
-    * or //route computing dialog navigation settings// +  measure distance by touching the screen with two fingers at once. Magnifiers will help you place the measuring points precisely.\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:quick_measure.jpg }}
-  * **set starting point** +
-    * shift //map screen center// at the desired spot quite accurate method +
-    select location by the //[[manual:user_guide:tools:location|location selector]]// - depending on selected method the starting point location can be defined very precisely, e.g. by coordinates or postal address +
-    * //quick add// - fastest method but not accurate, places points on the map by plain tapping your finger +
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_path_add_default.png?nolink&30|}} **add waypoints** - use any of above mentioned methods to add waypoints - a **measuring line** stretches between each waypoint showing the distance (1), the **total distance** is displayed in the upper left corner (2). Tapping the digit changes its units (//m > ft > yd//) +
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_path_remove_default.png?nolink&30|}} **remove waypoints** - use in case you want to start a different measuring - you can go back by removing points and then repair the measuring by adding new ones. Or you can delete whole route by tap-and-hold.+
-<WRAP round tip >{{:manual:user_guide:ic_directions_default.png?nolink&30|}} **Route computing** - useful for exact road measuring. Turn it on, add waypoints and Locus Map will compute the route between them smoothly along the roads**Always turn the computing function first before you want to compute route between two new waypoints, not vice versa!**</WRAP>+=== Cursor to position line === 
 +Another method of easy measuring of the distance between your **actual GPS position** and **any point on the map**. 
 +  * go to //Settings > Maps > Auxiliary graphics > Cursor to position line// - switch it ON 
 +  * a line with the distance and azimuth stretches between your position and the map cursor\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:measure2.jpg?nolink |}} 
 +=== Route planner === 
 +  * <wrap box>Menu > More functions > **Route planner**</wrap>\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:measure4.jpg?nolink |}} 
 +  [[manual:user_guide:tracks:planning#set_your_drawing_mode|Route planner in manual mode]] displays distances between inserted **route shaping points**:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:measure5.jpg?nolink |}} 
 +  * **total distance** between first and last shaping point is displayed in the **bottom bar** 
 +==== Road distance measuring ==== 
 +**[[manual:user_guide:tracks:planning|Route planner]]** can be used for measuring road distances too: 
 +  * set some of **automatic modes** 
 +  * tap in the **starting point** 
 +  * **shift cursor at the final spot** 
 +  * **add a route shaping point** - you can add as many as you need 
 +  * **a route is drawn** between points along roads and paths according to your selected drawing mode 
 +  * **road distance** is displayed in the bottom bar:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:measure6.gif?nolink |}} 
 +===== Measuring area ===== 
 +Areas are  measured by the **[[manual:user_guide:tracks:planning#measuring_area|Route planner]]** too. **[[manual:user_guide:tracks:planning#measuring_area|More info >>]]**
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