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All features


  • Search
    Search by various parameters in application or on the internet
  • My library
    Sorts, copies, renames, deletes etc. your tracks, routes, and points
  • GPS/Compass
    Switches, provides location if and compass rose
  • Locus Store
    Here you can buy and download maps, routes and additional features


  • Share
    Shares current GPS location, cursor location or map screen content
  • Live tracking
    Shares your current location in real time publicly or privately
  • Live chat
    Chat witch members of your private live tracking group

  • Navigate to
    Turn-by-turn navigation to a selected destination
  • Guide to
    Shows straight direction to a selected destination
  • Compass
    Shows compass rose (pointing at a destination if selected)

Map tools

  • Map manager
    Here you can browse and select maps to display or download
  • Map items
    Manages and displays autonomous files with tracks, points or map layers without importing them
  • OSM notes
    Displays already reported OSM notes or makes new ones
  • Image map calibration
    Calibrates images of maps and displays them as overlay
  • Map overlays
    Selects another map to lay over the current map in a semitransparent layer
  • Map offset
    Defines direction and distance to shift all displayed maps
  • Quick map switch
    Smart selection of the last used or nearest maps
  • Map themes
    Changes the content and appearance of the map according to its purpose
  • Active items
    Displays currently active files loaded via Map items
  • Clear map screen
    Removes auxiliary graphics and all other unsaved items from the screen
  • Online map downloader
    Manager of area/zoom selection, settings and downloading progress
  • Magnifier
    Displays a “lense” with enlarged map that zooms the area pointed on
  • Zoom lock
    Disables switching among the map zooms but allows changing the map resolution

Tracks & routes

  • Tracks&routes management
    Sorting, copying, renaming, deleting, etc. your tracks and routes
  • Route planner
    Plans, calculates and draws a new route on the map
  • Track recording
    Records a new track in real time
  • Audio coach
    Sets voice comments of your workout performance - pace, distance, heart rate, etc.
  • Import
    Adds tracks or routes from outside of Locus



  • Geocaching tools
    Search and download of geocaches, lists, PQs, log management, graphic tools, etc.


  • Weather
    Online weather forecast for any place on Earth
  • Parking
    Saves your parking location and notifies of the parking time and place
  • QR code generator
    Renders QR codes with coords and other information
  • Quick bookmark
    Displays your current location acquired by Locus Map on a selected web map
  • Dashboard
    Activates overlay of various stats or charts above the map screen, creates new or modifies existing dashboards
  • Custom screen
    Screen fully customizable by an Android layout XML file

Set up


  • Floating menu
    Alternate menu panel
  • Screen lock
    Locks the map screen and hardware buttons
  • Screen off
    Switches the screen off, the app keeps running in the background
  • Exit
    Turns the app off
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