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Navigation Custom Voice Files

Basic information

Description: Use custom voice files in Locus Mapnavigation
Author: gynta
Created: 2012/06/14
Last update: 2014/11/08
2012/07/14 add Polski (Katarzyna and Andrzej
2012/10/21 add Francais (Catherine and Jacques)
2013/02/06 add English (GB) (Chavette)
2013/02/08 add English (GB) (Jane)
2014/11/08 add experimental morse signs
2015/10/19 add Italiano (Chiara & Roberto)
2016/02/02 add Magyar/Hungarian (Marika & Ervin)
2016/10/29 “morse code (Samuel)” updated

Download and install

To download and install new voice directly into Locus, tap the Android sign in your Android browser in the list below.

How to change the voice during navigation

Available languages


  • - Morse code (Samuel) (contains only instructions for: “Arrive”, “BearLeft”, “BearRight”, “Depart”, “SharpLeft”, “SharpRight”, “GoStraightOn”, “PassPlace”, “TurnLeft”, “TurnRight” and “UTurn”)

Do you miss a language file?

let me know...

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