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Locus Map on iOS


Is Locus Map also available on iOS?


Not yet. But testing a lite iOS version has begun.

After 12 years of developing the application for Android OS we finally gathered enough sources for the launch of the iOS version development. The first beta version has been released for public testing via Testflight platform.

If you send us your request, we will add your email to the list of testers for our upcoming app called “Locus Map Lite,” which is not yet publicly available. Eventually, this Lite version will evolve into the full-fledged “Locus Map,” but it will be a gradual journey.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Create a new private ticket at our helpdesk.
  • Provide us email of Apple ID and optionally Locus Map account.
  • Let us know if you already have Premium activated and whether you synchronized some of your data to our cloud in the past.
  • Set your post as a question.

In the first wave, we plan to grant access to only a limited number of testers to ensure we can handle the feedback effectively. However, subsequent waves will likely follow quickly.

Once you're accepted into the BETA, you'll be able to download or update the app using “TestFlight,” which can be found on the Apple App Store.

What can you do with the Lite version currently?

  • Browse online worldwide LoMaps, including LoPoints.
  • Search for locations using our new search feature.
  • Record activities.
  • Log in with your account.
  • Utilize MyLibrary for your tracks or points.
  • Synchronize MyLibrary with the cloud (other devices, including Androids or ) if the account is Gold Premium.

What features are currently missing?

  • Only online LoMaps are accessible; other maps are not supported.
  • The route planner.
  • Navigation capabilities are limited to manual following of the line on the map.
  • Offline features are not available except for activity recording.
  • Imports/exports, sharing features as well as many other features are not yet implemented

Who is this build for?

Anyone willing to help us with testing or who wants to experience what it currently offers!

Our priority is to verify the robustness of user data synchronization and gather feedback on the overall app experience from an iOS perspective. We especially welcome those migrating from Android with an already populated MyLibrary. If you meet this criterion and don't have Gold Premium, let us know, and we may provide a temporary voucher to activate it upon request.

A few notes about MyLibrary synchronization in this app build:

If you already have your data in MyLibrary from using Locus Map on Android or the web, make sure to back them up before attempting synchronization on iOS! You can use the Backup feature on the Android app to avoid data loss in case the iOS version encounters any issues during synchronization (though we don't anticipate any problems!). Data synchronization can be triggered from the MyLibrary screen or within the app settings. Gold Premium is required for a logged-in account to use this feature.

The background running of the synchronization process is currently limited. If you have extensive initial data to download, keep the screen with the synchronization process on. The app disables the screen limit on this screen so it can finish the process as soon as possible.

The app cannot yet receive instant notifications about new data available for download from the web or other registered devices. The app checks for new data only once every 2 hours after the last attempt. So, if you create a new track on the web or elsewhere under your account, trigger the synchronization manually. Glimpse of upcoming new MyLibrary

There are even some firsts on the iOS platform for us. MyLibrary UI here is already built in mind for new features that we are working on. For example, it will allow you to place both waypoints and tracks under the same folder in the future. So we hope you won’t be too confused by some quirks of this transitory version.

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