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Transfer of custom subdirectories and external maps

It is no longer possible to use previously defined custom sub-directories due to the recent changes in the Android file system - the custom data have to be transferred to the app private folder.

Vector maps and SRTM data

If you had this data stored in custom sub-directories, Locus Map detects them and offers to merge them into the main app directory during the app data transfer:

After the app data transfer, you can place the sub-directories to the private directory on the removable SD card if you need to save the internal storage space. Newly you can place there also the /Maps/ and /MapsOnline/ sub-directories:

  • open Settings > Miscellaneous > Default directories > Set custom sub-directories
  • set the desired subdirectory to the SD card:
  • the sub-directory is transferred including its content

What if I refuse?

You lose access to the data via Locus. The data will remain in the device storage though.

Backup sub-directory

The only sub-directory that can be placed anywhere relatively without restrictions:

External maps

Linking of the maps from external directories is also no longer supported. The external maps can be used only within the default /Locus/Maps/ directory or in /Android/Media/ or /MapsVector/ directories. Both directories are available in the internal and external storages.

Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to include external maps into the automatic transfer of the app data. You have to move the maps to the available directories manually via the Import dialog in the Map manager > Offline or in the Points or Track manager.

Then restart Locus Map - the maps in the new directories will be automatically added to the map manager.

Surprisingly, some system file managers do not have access to the /Android/data/ directory. In such a case, please move your map files to /Android/Media/ or /MapsVector/ directories. These directories remain accessible also for other apps like c:geo etc.

Import of maps

This is another way how to get your own raster map files into the default /Locus/Maps/ directory:

  • open the Import from Locus menu
  • find the map file in the device storage and tap it
  • the map file is added to the default /Locus/Maps/ directory

Custom folders with geo-tagged photos

Locus Map on Android 11+ can access only the default system media folder (usually /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/)

If you want to display photos from custom directories on the map, you have to move/copy them to this default media folder via a system file manager.

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