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Moving Locus to another phone or tablet

You have purchased a new mobile or tablet. Or you are getting ready for a factory reset. Follow the instructions on how to move Locus Map, its settings and all its data (maps, tracks, points) safely into the new (or freshly restored) device:

Android 11+ devices

1. The old phone

  • go to Locus settings > Backup & Filesystem > App data transfer > unload app data
  • select e.g. “download” directory and create a new folder in it - e.g. “locus_data”. Confirm.
  • all the app's data are copied into the newly created folder
  • copy the “locus_data” folder via PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever else to your new phone's “Download” directory

Recommended: Change the location of the custom subdirectories (if you have any) to the default within the main app's directory BEFORE the app data unloading.

2. The new phone

  • install Locus Map
  • go to Locus settings > Backup & Filesystem > App data transfer > load app data
  • select the“download/locus_data” directory and confirm
  • restart Locus Map

Android 10 and older devices

1. the old phone

Make a backup of Locus main directory

  • open a file manager (Total Commander, Solid Explorer, Xplore etc.) and find /Locus/ directory
  • zip it as e.g. “” file (optionally)
  • send it to some cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)

Don't forget to backup your custom subdirectories if you have any - SRTM, backup and MapVector files.

Back up your external maps

  • open Locus map manager > offline tab
  • backup all maps that are stored out of the main app directory (especially the raster maps purchased from commercial publishers) to Dropbox or Google Drive.

You don't have to back up LoMaps. These can be re-downloaded from Locus Store for free.

2. The new phone

  • install the latest version of Locus Map to the new device
  • download the /Locus/ directory (or its zipped file) from Dropbox or Google Drive and copy its content (unzip it) to the /Locus/ directory in the new phone - overwrite the data that was newly created during the installation
  • do the same with the maps
  • log in to Locus Store, re-download LoMaps, and restore your Premium package (if you have any)
  • restart Locus Map so that all the backups are properly re-initialized
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