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New installation on a device with old app data

Due to the recent changes in the Android file system, the transfer of the app data to the private folder in /Android/data/ directory will launch after the app installation.

  • install Locus Map
  • after the app initialization, the old app directory is detected:
  • tap Change directory
  • Locus needs to get permission to access its files - it's necessary to confirm the directory selected in the system file manager
  • Locus moves all data to its private directory - it may take a few minutes depending on the size of your data
  • restart the app

What if I tap "later"?

  • You can go on using Locus Map with a new empty database and no offline maps
  • If you download offline maps or record new tracks you risk that you can lose them when you load the old data later - the new data will be overwritten
  • You can load the original data any time from Settings > Miscellaneous > Default directory > Load app data.
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