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How to migrate from Locus Map Classic to Locus Map 4

Android 11+

Due to the changes in the Android file system in November 2021, Locus Map 3 Classic and Locus Map 4 can no longer share one data directory. It is possible to transfer the data from one app to the other though:

  • install Locus Map 4
  • open Locus Map 4 settings > Backup & filesystem > App data transfer > Load Locus Map Classic data
  • restart Locus Map 4


In some rare cases, the procedure above may fail for unknown reasons. If something like that happens, we recommend transferring the app data manually with a help of a PC:

  • connect your phone to a PC via USB and allow file transfer on the phone
  • copy all files from Android/data/ to Android/data/ (overwrite all its contents) in the phone's internal storage
  • disconnect the phone and restart Locus Map 4

Android 5 - 10

Both apps share the same data directory but each has different settings. So please do the following:

  • install Locus Map 4 to the same storage as your Locus Map Classic (don't worry about any conflict)
  • make a complete backup of Locus Map Classic data
  • open the backup file in Locus Map 4 backup manager
  • restore all items except the points/tracks/routes database (no need to do it):
  • restart Locus Map 4
  • (uninstall Locus Map Classic if you don't need it any longer)
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