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I've purchased Locus Map Classic. Will I get any discount from the Premium?

Yes, we offer you exclusive discounts of 100% for one year of Silver Annual subscription and 50% for Gold Annual subscription.

To claim the discount, please do the following:

  1. make sure you have logged in to Locus Store of your old Locus Map Classic (former Pro) at least once
  2. install the new Locus Map
  3. go to the Go Premium screen, and you’ll be automatically offered the discounted subscriptions

You can claim the discount at any time.

If you start with the Silver for free, you can switch to the discounted Gold within one month after the activation of Silver. Later you get the full-priced Gold. But don’t worry, your free Silver will remain active for the whole year.

The discount only applies to Premium subscriptions, not to time purchases, purchases for LoCoins and vouchers.

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