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Inaccurate or wrong GPS location and elevation


Get Locus Map permission for all-time access to location and exclude it from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run and access location data in the background. Instructions on how to do it are summed up here or here.

Locus Map processes location and elevation gain from the data it receives from your phone GPS and other location/orientation sensors. If the data is incorrect or contains deviations, the resulting location fix and elevation gain are incorrect. Locus Map, however, offers a few methods on how to limit these deviations.

Light deviations

Open Locus Map settings > GPS&sensors and set the following

  • Location filter > select medium or heavier filter
  • Google Services assisted location > turn it ON (or OFF, it depends on your device)
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > SRTM data - select Optimize GPS values
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Pressure sensor > turn ON (if available)
  • Altitude manager > settings tab > Altitude filter - select medium or heavier filter

Stronger deviations

Sometimes it happens that the GPS chip is malfunctioning or terrain/weather conditions are so demanding that elevation data is incorrect even after applying the measures mentioned above. Then try the following:

  • Open Locus Map settings > GPS&sensors > Altitude manager > settings tab > SRTM data - select Replace GPS values - this option calculates elevation gain from offline elevation data without using GPS

Custom altitude threshold

Those who are still unsatisfied with the result can change the elevation gain calculation by applying a custom altitude threshold:

  • open Expert settings > Customize altitude threshold > enable it
  • open a track or route detail > select Edit from the bottom menu
  • change altitude threshold with the slider
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