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Guidance settings


Guidance panel

Sets display of an additional panel with information about the point, its distance and direction etc.:
The panel is ON by default.

Notification of points

Settings of notifications >> for guidance to points.


Guidance panel

Sets display of an additional panel with information about the target - distance, ETA, etc.

Next routepoint distance

Sets the distance at which Locus Map switches guidance to the next following route point.

Notification of next turn

Settings of the type of alert of approaching direction change - beep, sound, vibration or TTS.

"Out of route" notification

Notifies the user of leaving the route. Tapping the item displays a dialog to set the alert distance, notification repetition and sound settings. Settings are the same as for Navigation.


Here you can set the style of the guiding line and values displayed below and above it:

Line/text color

Sets the color of guiding lines (arrows) and texts (distance, azimuth)

Line size

Changes % size of guiding line from 10% to 1000%

Value above guiding line

Defines the parameter displayed above the guiding line. You can select distance, bearing, time to target, elevation or ETA&time to target

Value below guiding line

Defines the parameter displaying below the guiding line:

The same selection as above

Guidance text size

Size of the texts of the values displayed below/above the line.

Advanced settings

  • Strict route following - depending on the route shape Locus Map automatically selects routepoints that are closer than the pre-set distance. This option switches this automation off and Locus guides along the track strictly from point to point - suitable e.g. for sailing.
  • Frequency of alerts - defines number of alerts of direction changes on the track: low - medium - high
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