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Measuring distance&area

Measuring distance

There are three methods of measuring the distance between two points in Locus Map:

  • beeline measuring - measuring of straight distance between two points
  • road distance measuring - measuring distance of two points along roads and paths
  • track measuring - measuring recorded distance is described in detail in track recording >>

Beeline measuring

Quick distance measuring

The quickest way of measuring the distance between any two points on the map screen.

  • go to Settings > Controlling > Map screen > Two-finger measuring - check
  • measure distance by touching the screen with two fingers at once. Magnifiers will help you place the measuring points precisely.

Cursor to position line

Another method of easy measuring of the distance between your actual GPS position and any point on the map.

  • go to Settings > Maps > Auxiliary graphics > Cursor to position line - switch it ON
  • a line with the distance and azimuth stretches between your position and the map cursor

Route planner

  • Menu > More functions > Route planner
  • Route planner in manual mode displays distances between inserted route shaping points:
  • total distance between first and last shaping point is displayed in the bottom bar

Road distance measuring

Route planner can be used for measuring road distances too:

  • set some of automatic modes
  • tap in the starting point
  • shift cursor at the final spot
  • add a route shaping point - you can add as many as you need
  • a route is drawn between points along roads and paths according to your selected drawing mode
  • road distance is displayed in the bottom bar:

Measuring area

Areas are measured by the Route planner too. More info >>

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