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Sensors Manager

Menu > All features > Set up

A sensor manager is a central place in the app where you can connect your Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors to Locus Map and manage these connections. Locus Map supports a wide range of BT4, BT3, ANT+ and USB sensors.

How to add a sensor

  • activate the sensor and its BT or ANT+ mode
  • tap in the manager and select type of connection - BT4, BT3, ANT+ or USB
  • then find the type of your sensor
  • Locus Map starts searching for the sensor
  • sensor is added to the manager and is connected. This way you can connect several sensors at once:


Added sensors stay in the manager. When you want to disconnect some, tap DISCONNECT. If you want to connect some, tap CONNECT.

Removing and renaming

If you want to remove a sensor from the manager, tap and select Remove

To rename the sensor in the list, select Settings in the same menu and rename the sensor.

If you want a specific sensor to start automatically with track recording of a specific activity, you can set it up in the track recording profile settings >>

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