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Content panel

The content panel displays and manages what is displayed on the main screen:

  • maps
  • points of interest
  • other data layers


Quick switch

…is opened by tapping the selected map title:

It offers maps in two sections:

  • last used online maps - displays a few online maps that were used during the last app sessions. You can select a map by tapping. Show more opens the map manager > online tab for the full selection of available online maps.
  • smart choice - offline - a list of available offline maps nearest to the app cursor location. You can select a map by tapping. Show more opens the map manager > offline tab for the full selection of downloaded offline maps.

Theme selector

If the active maps contains themes, this switch opens the theme selection screen:

Here you can select internal (LoMaps) or external themes.

Map shading

Locus provides several types of map (or terrain) shading for a better understanding of the terrain relief.

Map overlay

Here you can set up another map to lay over the current one.


Nearest points

By tapping this option you open a panel with points located nearest to the map screen cursor:

They are sorted by the distance from the cursor location. You can filter the nearest points by several categories:

  • User points - your downloaded, imported or created points, see the points manager
  • Geocaches - downloaded geocaches
  • Online live tracking users - active only when you have live tracking on. Displays users according to your mode of connection - public or in your private group
  • Track waypoints - waypoints on nearest tracks
  • NMEA reader - objects located by an NMEA reader
  • Only visible on map - when checked, the filter displays only points visualized on the map

LoPoints online

Activating or deactivating LoPoints (OSM-based points of interest) available online.

LoPoints offline

Activating or deactivating LoPoints (OSM-based points of interest) available offline as a part of downloaded LoMaps.

Geotagged photos

Locus Map can display your geotagged photos above the map:

  • tapping the title
    opens the selection of available photo folders. Your camera photos are usually in the DCIM folder:
  • (1) Android 5-10 only - opens the file browser where you can select a custom photo folder
  • (2) checked folder is active
  • (3) removes the folder from the list
  • de/activates geotagged photos on the map:

OSM notes

With OSM notes you can notify OSM community of map errors.

  • tapping the title opens OSM notes setup
  • de/activates OSM notes on the map

Active items

Locus Map can display autonomous geodata files above the map - map items. Here you can manage which files are active, i.e. visible on the map, and you can set their opacity:

Coordinates grid

Tapping the option opens a selection of available grids:

Tap to display the grid of coordinates. This is default latitude/longitude:
Centered 1 km grid:

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