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Is it possible to change the address of my Locus account?

Changing the email address in the account is not possible.

The account is defined by the email address. If you absolutely need to use a different address, you need to create a new account (log in with a new email) and after that send us a request to delete your old account. However, this has several implications:


If you have an active subscription, you need to cancel it, otherwise it will be renewed again with your old account. Access to Premium features remains active until the subscription period expires. Then log in to Locus with the new account and subscribe or purchase a one-time Premium.

Tracks, routes and points

If you don't uninstall the app, your routes and waypoints remain in your phone's memory after you change accounts and are available under your new account. However, this does not apply to routes and waypoints that you have synced with the cloud and web library. These are only available under your old account. After changing your account and making a new Premium purchase, you need to re-sync.


From your purchased maps, only LoMaps will remain active under the new account. Paid third-party maps will not work under the new account and unfortunately, there is no way to change or fix this.


If you have a large amount of LoCoins left in your old account, please contact us and we will transfer them manually to the new account. Ideally, please send a screenshot of your Locus account screen showing the email address of the old account and the number of LoCoins (as a very simple confirmation that this is indeed your account).

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