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Managing map items

Map items are managed in Map items manager that can be switched on from the main menu by default:

  • Main menu > All features > Map tools > Map items


You can add autonomous geodata files to Locus Map by loading from several sources:

External storage

  • tap
  • select storage - local directory, system file manager, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or a remote file
  • select the file - Locus can process KML, KMZ, GPX, JSON and ZIP files

A feature

Some Locus features output is technically a map item - for example a calibrated map image.

Locus Store

Some routes downloaded from Locus Store are technically map items too, for example, Via Francigena

Map items manager

It contains a list of folders and items. Folders are created automatically during adding an item.

Map item folders

Each item folder line consists of:

  • icon - indicates origin of the folder
  • folder name - in case of automatically created items it displays the service or feature name. Folders can be manually created or edited only outside Locus in your device file manager - in /Locus/mapItems directory
  • date of creation, data size
  • action menu:
    • hide all - deactivates all items from the folder
    • delete - removes whole folder provided it is empty - included items must be deleted first

topbar menu:

  • Display all - displays all map items in the list on mapscreen
  • Hide all - aborts displaying of all map items on mapscreen
  • Open in a file browser - opens an offer of installed file browsers to open the Locus/mapItems directory
  • Clear map screen - removes all temporary objects from map - map items, objects displayed by the Content panel, by geocaching tools etc.

- quick move back to the main screen - adding new map items to the items root directory

Map item line

Consists of the same, plus button that changes into when tapped - map item is activated, i.e. visible on map action menu is different:

  • Details - displays item detail screen - filename, preview (centers item on the map), distance, min altitude, max altitude, date of creation, size, description etc.
  • Center item - active only when the item is active - places the item in the center of the map screen
  • Import - launches import of the item, as it is described here >>. After the import the item's content does not function as an autonomous object, it is implemented in the application data manageable in My library.
  • Delete - removes the item from the items list and from the MapItems directory

- quick move back to the main screen - adding new items to the opened folder

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