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  • Map items
    Manages and displays autonomous files with tracks, points or map layers without importing them
  • OSM notes
    Displays already reported OSM notes or makes new ones
  • Image map calibration
    Calibrates images of maps and displays them as overlay
  • Map overlays
    Selects another map to lay over the current map in a semitransparent layer
  • Map offset
    Defines direction and distance to shift all displayed maps
  • Quick map switch
    Smart selection of the last used or nearest maps
  • Map themes
    Changes the content and appearance of the map according to its purpose
  • Active items
    Displays currently active files loaded via Map items
  • Clear map screen
    Removes auxiliary graphics and all other unsaved items from the screen
  • Online map downloader
    Manager of area/zoom selection, settings and downloading progress
  • Magnifier
    Displays a “lense” with enlarged map that zooms the area pointed on
  • Zoom lock
    Disables switching among the map zooms but allows changing the map resolution

Other map tools can be found in the Advanced Map Tools section.

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