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Track Recording Settings

Recording profiles

Locus Map records tracks in various profiles. Each profile has particular parameters suitable for different activities that can be set individually.

Tap the profile name to activate it. Active profile is highlighted red.

  • 1 - activity icon. Activity is defined when creating the profile. It cannot be changed later.
  • 2 - name of activity (can be edited)
  • 3 - distance and time frequency of recorded trackpoints, maximum allowed GPS deviation
  • 4 - profile settings button

Add new profile


Body parameters

Available only with Premium

Add values for calculation of your energy consumption during sports activities:

Automatic start

Available only with Premium

Launches track recording automatically after Locus Map app startup. Useful for detailed mapping of your activities but demanding a lot of data space. You can select profile in which Locus would start automatic recording:

Audio coach

Unlimited use only withPremium

Turns Locus Map into a full-scale sport-tracker. This opens a list of available audio schemes and their settings >>

Side panel

Panel auto hide

Hides side sliding panel automatically after start/stop of track recording

Number of track monitoring parameters

Defines number of cells in the track recording side panel grid (4 to 16) - cells display values or charts of parameters monitored during track recording

Start with countdown

Starts track recording with a pre-defined countdown from 5 to 30 seconds (0 - without countdown)

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