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Recording profiles settings

Tracks are recorded in profiles. Each profile is defined by a set of parameters reflecting various aspects of the recording. Settings of these parameters can be accessed from:

  • Locus settings > Track recording > particular recording profile
  • Track recording panel > Track recording settings > particular recording profile

In these settings, you can edit an already-created profile. If you want to add a new one, go up one level in the settings structure (settings > track recording).

Recording profile activity

Recording profile activity is set by default and cannot be changed. If you need a profile with an activity that is not set by default, you have to create a new recording profile Available only with Premium

  • Name - insert name of the profile
  • Track name format - by default, the app names the recorded tracks with the time stamp of the track saving. Here you can add more parameters for the automatic naming - activity, starting/ending place, title of navigated route, etc. and add your own words to customize the track name.
    • tap ADD and select parameters:
    • you can change their order and add your own words like prepositions etc. You can check the result on the sample below:
  • Preferred folder - select which folder will be used for storing recorded tracks from this profile. Default is Last used. If you need a new folder, create it in the track manager first.
  • Auto-save after stop - check to save recorded tracks automatically into the preferred folder immediately after the recording is stopped. The option is active only when other than Last used folder is selected.
  • Save & display - by default, the track remains displayed on the map after it is saved. You can turn this off and hide the track after saving.
  • Remove this profile - deletes current profile. Disabled when the profile is active. Available only with Premium


  • Distance interval - sets distance between recorded track points. The slower movement, the shorter the distance should be.
  • Time interval - sets time period between recording two track points. The slower movement, the longer the period should be.
  • Trackpoint recording conditions - defines the method of trackpoint recording based on distance and time intervals:
    • Distance AND time - both intervals at once trigger trackpoint recording - smoother line but less accurate
    • Distance OR time - one of the intervals triggers trackpoint recording - very accurate but a lot of track points recorded
  • Required GPS accuracy - sets the maximum acceptable range of GPS accuracy for recording tracks. More than 50 m is recommended.
  • Auto-pause - experimental option - automatically pauses track recording based on all available movement sensors of your phone. Unfortunately, not reliable on all devices.
  • Record only when moving - track recording is running only provided Locus Map detects movement of the device. If not, the recording is paused.

    Sometimes, the location indicator is moving on the map even when the speed is 0 m/s. That is caused by the post-processing of raw GPS data in the device and an insufficient amount of data. By enabling this feature, Locus Map stores only correct track points.

  • Record when GPS is off - track recording proceeds even if the GPS signal is out, e.g. in buildings. Location is acquired by wifi and mobile networks and can be approximated only.

    “Accuracy” of such a recording can oscillate kilometers from your real location or such recording can be stopped due to a low value in the Required accuracy parameter.

  • Notify of paused recording - when your track recording is manually paused and you get going, having forgotten to unpause it, the app detects the movement and plays a voice notification
  • Notify of pending recording - when you have the auto-pause turned off, your track recording is on and you stop moving for some time, the app detects the standstill and plays a voice notification

Style on map

  • Track recording line style - launches a dialog with line style settings - color, mode, pattern, width etc.
  • Display only part of track on map - limits the number of visible track points of the actual recorded track. Recommended for long or frequent routes. Too long recording (too many track points) may slow down the display of maps.
  • Displayed track part length - defines the number of visible recorded track points on the map in order to secure the smooth running of the app

Advanced settings

  • Connected hardware auto-start - here you can select bluetooth or ANT+ sensors connected to the phone that should be started simultaneously with the track recording. Available only with Premium
  • Audio coach auto start - defines a audio coach scheme to be started simultaneously with the track recording. Available only with Premium
  • Automatic export - sets automatic export of recorded track to a file or web service. The setting dialog is the same as in the Track export except of a new button - Set - that confirms the export selection
  • Live tracking auto-start - defines a Live tracking event to be launched simultaneously with the track recording. Available only with Premium
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