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Locus account

What is it for?

To have a Locus account is necessary if you want to use the following services:

How to get there

Log in

Required only once on your first visit.

  • tap Login in the main menu
  • use Google or Facebook accounts installed in your device or you can log in with an email:


When you enter an e-mail address that is not in our database you are prompted to enter a password twice:
After sending it you have to confirm the sign-in link that was sent to your mailbox:
Then, enter your e-mail address and the password and confirm.

Forgot password?

When you are trying to log in with the e-mail address and you can't remember the password:

  • tap the Forgot password? button:
  • Password reset e-mail is sent to your mailbox - follow the instructions in it.

A few words about privacy...

We retain this login information on our server until you withdraw your consent. If you have purchased paid content in the Locus Store, we will store your login information for a period of 3 years, corresponding to the duration of your purchase contract claims.

Login to your Locus Account is unique and can't be changed!

If you need to use Locus with a different e-mail or Google/Facebook account, create a new Locus account. More info >>

  • when you are logged in tap the user name:

Locus Store

  • tap the Locus account button:

Account menu

The header displays your user profile:

  • profile picture and user name
  • e-mail address
  • your Premium status
  • your LoCoins balance

Manage account

Here you can edit your name, select the profile picture or change password (in case you are logged in with your e-mail):


Displays the number of unread notifications. By tapping it you open the notification center.

My LoPoints photos

Here you can see the gallery of your public photos added to the interesting places on the map - LoPoints. There is the photo counter, the number of views and of likes given to your pictures:
Tapping a photo in the gallery opens the picture in detail with additional information:

Buy LoCoins

Opens an offer of LoCoin packets:
The LoCoins are purchased via Google Play and its local payment options.

More about LoCoins >>

Redeem voucher

Voucher is a reward you can get in competitions or promo actions on Locus Map's social networks. It can be used to increase your LoCoin credit or to get a particular product from Locus Store for free.

Here you insert the voucher unique code to get the benefits included:

Applicable both for Locus Store content and Premium vouchers.

Check for content updates

Here you can check if some of your purchased or downloaded products (maps, guides etc.) have been updated:

Purchase history

Here you can check history of all your activity in Locus Store - statuses of transactions, LoCoin credits, rewards for recommending Locus to others and subscriptions of services and features:


History of your purchases of products - maps, routes, points or features:

LoCoin Credits

History of all your LoCoin acquisitions - purchases, gifts, vouchers or rewards for recommending Locus.


Here you can see the history and statuses of all your subscriptions - Premium features, products, and services. You can subscribe again or cancel ongoing content subscriptions:

The Premium subscription can be canceled in the My Premium section of the main menu.


The log-out button is in the user profile topbar:

Please be aware that by tapping it you leave your Locus account which means that:

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