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LoPoints are dynamic points of interest that can be displayed above any map. Each LoPoint marks the location and category of a particular place and contains additional information - e.g. opening hours, WWW, phone number, and other attributes. LoPoints can be navigated to and guided similarly to Locus user points. LoPoints are based on OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia data.


Online LoPoints are loaded from the internet and contain also photos from Wikipedia and from Locus users:

They can be turned on/off from the content panel:


Offline LoPoints are an integral part of LoMaps but can be also displayed above any other map. They can be turned on/off from the content panel as well.

LoPoints database (mapname.osm.db) can be used only when a corresponding LoMap map file ( is present in /mapsVector/ directory. If the map file is removed (e.g. due to saving space for use of another map) the POI file cannot be initialized.


You can browse offline LoPoints by categories, select a category and highlight it on the map.

  • Menu > All features > Points > LoPoints (offline)
  • Select country - the selection depends on your downloaded LoMaps
  • Points around - displays a list of all nearest points across all folders around your current location or position of the map cursor
  • Select a category - Accommodation, Financial&Post services, Culture&Tourism, Public services, Hiking&Cycling, Nature, Emergency&Health, Places of Worship, Food&Drink, Shopping, Sport leisure, Car services, Transportation, etc. Each category is divided into subcategories.
  • Highlight the category on map by tapping in the topbar (showing also number of points in the selected category):

LoPoints can't be exported.

You can search for LoPoints or their categories both from the LoPoints browser
and from the general Search
It works full-text so e.g. keyword “rests” returns all points with “rest” in their name, description or amenity. The search results can be highlighted on the map in the same way as described above.
To deactivate the highlight, tap again the icon in the topbar:

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