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LoCoins - our virtual currency

All purchases of products (maps, routes, guides, features, services…) made in Locus Store are paid in LoCoins (LC). That is because some payments are so tiny that in EUR or USD they would be out of payment terms of Google Play Store and each item would require individual in-app billing entry maintenance which would be very time-consuming and bureaucracy-frustrating. LoCoin exchange rate oscillates around 1.3 EUR (incl. VAT for EU countries) = 100 LC.

How to get LoCoins?


  • LoCoins can be purchased in packets. From 500 LC the packets contain also some extra LoCoins. The bigger the packet, the greater the extra part.
    • available packets: 100 LC, 200 LC, 500 + 4% LC, 1000 + 6% LC, 5000 + 8% LC and 10000 + 10% LC


The Voucher is for those who don't use a device with Google Play Services. You can purchase it at the Locus Map website >>. There are 4 kinds: 100LC, 200 LC, 500+4% LC and 1000+6% LC. The voucher contains a unique code that is entered into a box in the Locus account:

After entering the code the LoCoin balance is increased by the given amount.

LoCoin Bonus

A bonus for adding your own photos to a LoPoint to document its current state for other members of the Locus community - hikers, bikers or geocachers. 1 added and approved photo = 1 LoCoin credited to your Locus account.


We also reward LoCoins for other contributions to the Locus community - e.g. to Locus translators and other supporters

LoCoin balance

  • Supply of purchased LoCoins serves as your virtual wallet for all purchases in Locus Store:
  • LoCoin balance is associated exclusively with your Locus account

Terms of use

  • LoCoins are not transferable, can not be subject to lending or further re-selling
  • LoCoins are valid only for Locus Store, they are not enlisted as an official currency by any financial authority
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