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Before importing files to the web planner, it is necessary to log in to your Locus account.

The web map is able to import only a GPX file containing tracks, routes, points or all at once.

  • click the Import button OR drag/drop the file to the map screen with your mouse:

  • the contents of the file are displayed on the map and on the import panel:

  • you can determine what to show on the map and what to hide - single items or all content:


Click the planner button to edit a copy of the imported route:

the original route remains intact:

After editing you can re-export the route or save it in your library.


Available with Premium Gold

You can save the imported data into your library synced with the Locus Map app:

Select folders for the tracks and points separately or check Merge points with imported track.


Click hide to close the import panel and remove the imported data from the map.

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