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The map can be shifted by clicking and dragging, and zoomed with the mouse wheel. There are also zooming buttons in the top left corner:
To change the displayed map, select from the map selection:
To center the map on your approximate location, tap the centering button (the browser will need your permission to catch your location):


The default map for hiking, biking and other summer outdoor activities. Available worldwide in 19 zooms down to the scale 1:5000, based on topographic content with shadowed terrain and elevation contour lines. It displays a layer of lines of the marked routes for various outdoor activities and dynamic points of interest - LoPoints.

LoMaps Ski

Map for winter outdoor sports - backcountry, nordic, downhill skiing, snowshoeing etc. The topographic background is the same as on summer LoMaps, special winter LoPoints are added.

Both maps are generated from OSM data and are updated every 24 hours. For the map symbols' description, see the Map legend.


Available with Premium Gold
Map consisting of the satellite and aerial imagery by HERE and Maxar. Available in 17 zooms down to approx. 1:10000 scale.

Satellite with labels

Available with Premium Gold
besides the aerial imagery, the map contains also road/street numbers and names and house numbers.


Dynamic points of interest, called LoPoints, are displayed above every map in the selection. Tapping a LoPoint shows its detailed information and photos:

Any LoPoint can be added to a planned route.

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