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Locus Map on iOS


Is Locus Map also available on iOS?


Yes, it is. But it doesn't have the same amount of features as the Android versions. Yet.

It is called Locus Map LITE and you can download it from the Apple AppStore. All information about the app and its current features is on the Locus Map LITE website.

The app is in continuous development and we'll keep adding features to it until it is mostly as capable as the Android version.

What can you do with the Lite version now?

(status in July/2024)

  • Browse online LoMaps (hiking, biking and winter) and world satellite maps, all including LoPoints.
  • Online search for locations and addresses.
  • Record activities.
  • Log in with your Locus account.
  • Utilize MyLibrary for your tracks, routes or points.
  • Synchronize MyLibrary with the cloud (other devices, including Androids or ) if the account is Gold Premium.
  • Import tracks, routes and points via GPX.

iOS Beta testing

Beta testing of the iOS version has been temporarily suspended.

As is mentioned in the beginning the app is still developed and new versions are produced. This includes a range of pre-production Beta versions that have to be tested. If you wish to participate in this testing, please do the following:

  • Create a new private ticket at our helpdesk.
  • Provide us email of Apple ID and optionally Locus Map account.
  • Let us know if you already have Premium activated and whether you synchronized some of your data to our cloud in the past.
  • Set your post as a question.

Once you're accepted into the BETA, you'll be able to download or update the app using “TestFlight,” which can be found on the Apple App Store.

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