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How Can I Record Track of My Trip?

Let's start with a quick video overview:

Do you want to show the trip to your buddies? No problem with Locus Map:

  • tap the track recording button:
  • select recording profile according to your activity (walk, cycling…) and press the big green START button:
  • track recording panel starts showing your track stats:
    and your track is being recorded. The active recording is marked by the red button and the line of the track drawing behind the cursor:
  • when your trip is over, stop the recording - tap the red button on the map screen and then the STOP button on the panel:
  • if necessary, change your track name, description, activity and folder where the track should be stored, and press SAVE:
  • when the track is properly saved, its detail panel slides up:
  • your track is saved in the selected folder:

Useful tips

  • before recording, check your device GPS is on - Locus GPS icon must be green
  • make sure Locus Map is not battery-optimized. When it is, Locus notifies you on the track recording panel:

More about track recording >>.

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