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Locus Map Watch


Android Wear/Wear OS/Tizen extended screen for Locus Map in mobile or tablet. You can control comfortably the most frequently used features by it:

  • display, zoom and browse map and show your GPS position on it
  • control track recording
  • place waypoints
  • display track statistics including heart rate (Android/Wear OS only)
  • navigate your route with visual commands
  • control the app both by the touchscreen and HW buttons/ring

App communicates with Locus Map in your mobile phone or tablet via bluetooth.

How to make it work?

Wear OS watches

Tizen watches

Install the add-on from Galaxy Apps in your watch according to the Locus Map app version on your mobile phone:

  • install Locus Map Watch Free if you have Locus Map 4
  • install Locus Map Watch Pro if you have Locus Map Classic (former Pro)

If you have problems connecting your Locus Map Watch add-on to your Locus Map on your phone please go to your system settings > Applications > Samsung Accessory Services and delete its data.


Which watch would you recommend for Locus Map Watch?

There is no list of officially tested or supported watches for the add-on. However, Locus Map Watch should be compatible with all watches running Android Wear 1.x/2.x/Wear OS and watches by Samsung. Since you probably plan to use the watch for outdoor and fitness activities it might be recommended to aim for the watch to have its own GPS module, heart rate sensor, or other hardware features you might find useful for those activities and which might be used in future versions of Locus Map Watch to extend the core functionality. Still, we are committed to continuing to support all the watches with Android Wear/Wear OS/Tizen without any requirements on hardware features.

I have selected a new watch I want to buy. How can I check that Locus Map Watch will be compatible?

Please just look at the manufacturer's specification and search for Android Wear/Wear OS in the product description. If the watch is running any version of Android Wear/Wear OS then the add-on should work without any problems.

Please beware that some watches can actually run normal Android OS which is quite different from the Android Wear operating system and is incompatible with the add-on.

In the case of Samsung watches, this add-on is compatible with all versions of Gear S2, S3, Galaxy Watch and Watch Active 2 (proved by users' testing).

My watch uses Android as its OS. Can I use Locus Map Watch? Is there support for a round screen if I use Locus Map/Pro directly on the watch?

Unfortunately, Locus Map Watch is only compatible with Android Wear/Wear OS devices. Running the add-on on such a watch is not possible and by installing Locus Map Watch on the watch you are actually installing the phone counterpart of the add-on.

You should be able to install a normal Locus Map/Pro application to your watch but its usability might be severely limited with the round screen. There is no support for round UI in Locus Map and it is not planned in the future.

Can I use Locus Map Watch as a stand-alone app without a paired phone running Locus Map?

The stand-alone function is not possible at the moment. If you would like this feature please vote for this idea at Locus helpdesk >> and possibly describe what specific function you would use in a stand-alone mode.

All add-ons need to be connected to Locus Map. Switch the connection ON in Locus settings > Miscellaneous > Connect with add-ons.

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