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Geocaching Settings


Move to final waypoint

Final waypoints of multicaches or mystery caches usually need solving riddles or calculating formulas etc. In case the cache is imported from some database with calculated waypoints this function may come in handy - moves the cache coordinates automatically to the final point.

Keep own data during import

Geocaches often contain some personal data - notes, photos etc. This function secures them against overwriting during refreshing import.

Auto-load images

Geocaches imported into Locus usually have only a reference to images in listings. Checking this option allows downloading the images.

  • Disabled - auto-load is turned off, only texts will be downloaded
  • Image caching - the images are downloaded only temporarily for the time you use the application - they are deleted after the restart.
  • Image downloading - the images are downloaded and stored in Locus/data/geocaching folder and you can work with them any time for as long as you need until you delete them manually

Auto-load waypoints

Available only with Premium

Geocaches often contain additional waypoints. This option allows to display them automatically on the map. You can choose from a selection:

Your (owner's) name

Sets your username to recognize your own caches.

Names of friends

Defines a list of your geocaching friends. If a friend from this list appears in the log scroll, his name is highlighted and moved to the top of the scroll.

Stored logs limit

This option prevents overgrowing of stored logs amount in memory when the option “Keep data during import” is checked. The range is from “no limit” to 50 logs.

Log your visit

Always log offline

Sets field notes as the default login method and disables all online logging options.

Action after 'Found it'

Available only with Premium

Opens a new dialog: Here you can define automatic actions that happen when you log a successful finding - 'Found it':

  • Hide cache - check to remove the found cache from your map (not from memory)
  • Move to - check and select the folder the found cache should be moved to
  • Guide to next nearest cache - check and let Locus guide you to the next nearest geocache


GCVote is an extension for that enables you to rate the quality of caches. More about this here >>

Show GCVote on map

Allows to display the geocache quality symbols (1-5 stars) below geocache icons on the map:
GCVote must be reloaded in advance in the cache detail screen.


These options set Geocaching field notes (offline geocache logs stored for later upload on

Delete field notes

Allows deleting all stored field notes from memory. Make sure you uploaded all notes to before submitting this step!

Pre-fill field notes

Available only with Premium

This time-saving feature allows to pre-fill field notes with various parameters in defined format:

  • {c} - number of found caches
  • {t} - time of geocache finding
  • other text, e.g. Thanks or TFTC etc.

Counter of found geocaches

Sets an initial number of found caches. Next found caches will be added by one. It is possible to load your cache balance from your profile:

Point screen

It is possible to define three optional geocache detail panel buttons with the following functions:

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