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Points & Tracks Settings


Point label

Available only with Premium

Sets its behavior and content after shifting the cursor on the point on the map:

  • Never - nothing happens
  • On hover - a label with the point name pops up
  • Always - the label is permanently visible
  • Show elevation - the label contains also the elevation value

Enable POI grouping

Displays a group symbol in higher map zooms on places with high density of selected points of interest for better map readability:

New point default location

When creating a new user point on the map you can choose one of the following default methods of location:

  • GPS location - creates a point on the actual GPS location of the user
  • Map screen cursor - creates a point at the actual position of the cursor in the middle of the map screen

Check POI duplicates

Prevents importing identical points of interest or geocaches. You can select if to check all imported points or or only points/geocaches in selected folders.

Point icon size

Sets size of icons on the map from 50 to 300% of a normal size:


Track label

Available only with Premium

Sets type of a track label displayed above the map. There are three options:

  • Do not show - no label is displayed
  • Simple - only track name or timestamp
  • Complex - track name, length and elevation gain/loss

Track start/end icons

Select graphic symbols at start/stop of active tracks:

  • No symbol
  • Dot
  • Icon

Track line style

Default graphic settings of all tracks and routes across the whole app. The link opens the style editor >>

Distance markers

Available only with Premium

Turns on the labels marking distance along tracks and routes.

Show navigation commands on map

Turns on/off on-hover displaying of turn shapes on the navigation points:

Ovewrite exported data

Allows overwriting files that have been already exported.

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