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How Can Locus Map Help Me with Finding Geocaches?

Locus Map and geocaching

Geocaching is a worldwide favorite outdoor game, and Locus Map is an officially certified Geocaching app.

Locus Map can show you geocaches on the map, navigate you to the cache, display listing, images, logs, it also allows you to log your own findings offline or online directly from the app without the need to visit website. And much more >>

How to get geocaches into the app?

Geocaches must be downloaded from website. This can be done in two ways:

Directly from the app

Available with Premium Silver

For a quick overview, check the video tutorial:

Here are detailed instructions:

  • go to Menu > All features > Geocaching > Geocaching tools > Search for geocaches
  • tap SEARCH
  • confirm Import of the caches

This way the app imports 20 geocaches placed around the maps screen cursor. You can change the location, and number of caches, or set up a filter. More info >>

Via add-on

You have more options with the Geocaching4Locus addon that you can quickly install for free from the Google Play Store.

  • touch and hold the place on the map where you'd like to see geocaches around
  • Locus creates a temporary point and slides up its detail panel. Tap the addon button and nearest caches:
  • select the number of downloaded caches and tap the download button:
  • Locus Map asks where to store the geocaches. Select the folder and tap IMPORT:
  • info box about successful download appears:
  • geocaches emerge on the map:

More about geocaching with Locus Map >>

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