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How can I get Premium?

1. Open the Premium screen

There are several options to open it in the app, choose which suits you the best:

Go Premium!

The primary link. You can find it in the main menu:

Inactive Premium features

They are scattered all over the free app, for example here:
Tapping such a feature opens a box with detailed information about it:
You can either close the box or continue…

2. Select your Premium plan

Browse the options or tap the selection button right away:
After signing up or in the Locus account, choose your plan - Silver or Gold. Premium annual subscription is the default choice:
You can also select other options - shorter subscription or one-time payments:

3. Subscribe or purchase

All payments are processed by Google Play with the options available in your country.

  • Monthly subscriptions can be paused for up to three months. Google Play offers this option when you abort the monthly subs.
  • When your Premium plan is active you have a few options for the plan change, see >>

There are two alternative options how to get the Premium:

Premium for LoCoins

If you have enough LoCoins you can purchase Premium for them. You can get LoCoins in a few ways:

Premium Voucher


If you need to avoid purchasing or subscribing to Premium via Google Play you can buy a one-year voucher at our website.


Our company gives away vouchers on various occasions, e.g. to supported Search&Rescue organizations.

How to redeem a voucher

Locus account

Open your Locus account in the app and tap Redeem voucher:

Go Premium

Open the app main menu > Go Premium > Select Premium plan. The voucher code is inserted here:
After inserting the voucher the app directly re-initializes in the Premium mode. When the voucher expires the app returns to its basic mode.

Locus Map Web

  • open your user profile > manage account
  • click Redeem voucher and enter the code:
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