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How to Get Offline Maps into My Locus Map?

Perfect offline maps to start with are our LoMaps. They are very accurate, detailed and memory space-friendly, they cover the whole World and you can take the first three for free as a gift from us. You can find them in Locus Store:

Here's a more detailed description:

  • main menu > Map manager > Offline tab
  • tap and select Download offline maps:
  • Locus Store opens and displays the nearest available maps - LoMaps at the top:
  • tap the LoMap you want to download

    to start downloading, you need to log into Locus Store - tap the blue login button
  • select your preferred method of login:
  • when you are logged in, download the LoMap (or purchase it if you've consumed all gift LoMaps)
  • The LoMap emerges in the Offline map tab:


    More about downloading maps >>
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