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Three free LoMaps for new Locus users

All new Locus Map users are given three free LoMaps as a welcome gift.


It is a way Locus Team expresses their gratitude to their users for installing Locus Map.

Where can I get them?

In the Locus Store:

  • tap Menu > Locus Store (you have to be online)
  • the nearest LoMap is offered as the first recommended map
  • if you want another one, tap Maps
  • select LoMaps product line
  • browse the wast portfolio of map bundles

When selecting a map from a folder it is possible to display the map packets on a preview map – it makes clear what areas are covered by which map.

How do I find out that the map is for free?

The blue button DOWNLOAD in the map detail screen contains an icon of a parcel. Tapping it a dialog appears confirming that the map is really free and displaying number of remaining gifts.

When you purchase Premium Gold, you can have ALL offline LoMaps including updates for free.

How can I download LoMaps to my mobile or tablet?

Tap that DOWNLOAD button and then confirm the next dialog. The map starts downloading. In the meantime you can go on working with Locus, the download status is displayed in your system tray and in Locus notification center. The downloaded map appears in the Offline tab of your Map manager.

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