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Point Alert

Available only with Premium

What is it for?

The Point alert notifies you (with beeping, a custom sound, vibration or a voice) when a point from a selected folder of your user points is nearby (in the defined distance). Thanks to it, you don't have to check on the map all the time for geocaches near your hiking route, for example.

Point alert does not notify of LoPoints.

How to set it up?

Locus menu > All features > Points > Point alert

1. Set distance and alarm frequency

  • Distance - set how far from the selected point should Locus start the alert
  • Notify once - the alert goes on only once
  • Notify until stopped - notification repeats in the defined interval until stopped manually (red STOP button on-screen) or when you're out of the alert distance.

2. Set type of notification

Tap select type:

Settings of sound

  • Disable - all sounds are disabled, only screen and vibration alert work
  • Beep - select number of beeps (1-10)
  • Select sound - select any sound stored in your device storage
  • Text-to-speech - enables voice prompts notifying of the name, distance, and direction of the point
    Tap Play to check your sound settings.

Settings of vibration

Visible only when the vibrator is present (mainly on mobile phones)

  • Disable - the device does not vibrate on notifications
  • Pattern - set notification vibrating pattern, using three symbols: '.' for 200 milliseconds vibrations, '-' for 500 milliseconds vibrations and ' ' (space) for 500 milliseconds of silence.
    Tap Play to check your vibration settings.

3. Select points

  • open the selection of point folders:

  • check the folder with the points you want to be notified of

4. Tap START

Setup change and point alert stop

Point alert setup can be changed anytime, even when the feature is running.

  • scroll down your system toolbar and tap the point alert notification
    OR tap the point alert button in Locus menu
  • change the setup or tap the STOP button to terminate the alert
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