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Standard voice turn-by-turn navigation. Here's how to use it:

1. Select target

Firstly, you have to tell Locus where you want to go.

Directly on map

The simplest and fastest way.

  1. tap a LoPoint, a user point or any other point on the map or hold your finger on the place on map where you want to be navigated to
  2. tap the navigation button in the bottom bar and select Navigate to

Other location options

When you need to define your target location another way, use location selector:

  1. tap Menu > Navigate to
  2. select method of defining target of your route:


Points from the point manager

Use e.g. in case you want to navigate to some geocache from your database:

  1. select the point from Point manager
  2. tap it to display the point detail screen
  3. tap navigation menu button from the bottom panel and select Navigate to

Custom navigation target for repeated use

  1. start Navigate to and tap:
  2. select custom location in the next menu:
  3. set the icon and name of the location (home, work, grandma…) and tap to select method of defining the target:
  4. define your target by showing it on the map, address etc.:
  5. confirm. Your navigation destination appears among the location selecting methods:

When you start navigation next time, just select the target from the grid.

Starting point of your route can be re-defined too, just tap next to it and select location method.

2. Add via points

You can insert up to three places that you do not want to miss on your route:

  1. tap in the topbar
  2. select via point location definition (map center, GPS, address…)
  3. via points display between start and final points of your navigation route
  4. you can change order of the via points as well as starting and final points by dragging them up or down on the left side
  5. you can change names, location of the via points (tap ) or remove them by tapping “x”.

If you need more sophistically planned route, use Locus Route Planner!

3. Select activity or means of transport

The next step is to choose sports activity or means of transport an route (aka navigation profile). The selection depends on used routing services.

Additional “Navigate to” routing parameters have been temporarily removed as this feature is deprecated and will soon be integrated into the route planner.

navigace3.jpg After tapping the START button, the navigation panel and control menu are displayed:
More here >>

Advanced options

Show more button displays further setting options:

  • Guide mode - fine-tune the way of navigation:
    • Navigation - full turn-by-turn navigation you are used to from your car
    • Guidance (with commands) - simplified mode with TTS direction changes notifications
    • Guidance (no commands) - the simplest way without any notifications
  • Store permanently - if checked, you can store you navigation route to the device memory for later use. You can select a folder for it or create a new one.

Recently navigated routes

Go to the 'Recently used' tab. Tap one of the routes, select between navigation and guidance and tap to start. navigace16.jpg

If you want to delete the navigation history list, tap red .

Adding via points during navigation

You can add a via point to the route when the navigation is in progress:

The point is added to the route.

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