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This User Manual is currently under development. It is based on the knowledge base of the previous generation of the Locus Map application and in many places it contains images of the previous versions. We are working intensively on its update. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Search
    Search by various parameters in application or on the internet
  • Data manager
    Sorts, copies, renames, deletes etc. your tracks, routes, and points
  • GPS/Compass
    Switches, provides location if and compass rose
  • Locus Store
    Here you can buy and download maps, routes and additional features


  • Share
    Shares current GPS location, cursor location or map screen content
  • Live tracking
    Shares your current location in real time publicly or privately
  • Live chat
    Chat witch members of your private live tracking group

  • Navigate to
    Turn-by-turn navigation to a selected destination
  • Guide to
    Shows straight direction to a selected destination
  • Compass
    Shows compass rose (pointing at a destination if selected)

Map tools

  • Map manager
    Here you can browse and select maps to display or download
  • Map items
    Manages and displays autonomous files with tracks, points or map layers without importing them
  • OSM notes
    Displays already reported OSM notes or makes new ones
  • Image map calibration
    Calibrates images of maps and displays them as overlay
  • Map overlays
    Selects another map to lay over the current map in a semitransparent layer
  • Map offset
    Defines direction and distance to shift all displayed maps
  • Quick map switch
    Smart selection of the last used or nearest maps
  • Map themes
    Changes the content and appearance of the map according to its purpose
  • Active items
    Displays currently active files loaded via Map items
  • Clear map screen
    Removes auxiliary graphics and all other unsaved items from the screen
  • Online map downloader
    Manager of area/zoom selection, settings and downloading progress
  • Magnifier
    Displays a “lense” with enlarged map that zooms the area pointed on
  • Zoom lock
    Disables switching among the map zooms but allows changing the map resolution

Tracks & routes

  • Tracks&routes manager
    Sorts, copies, renames, deletes, etc. your tracks and routes
  • Route planner
    Plans, calculates and draws a new route on the map
  • Track recording
    Records a new track in real time
  • Audio coach
    Sets voice comments of your workout performance - pace, distance, heart rate, etc.
  • Import
    Adds tracks or routes from outside of Locus


  • Points manager
    Sorts, copies, renames, deletes, etc. your points and geocaches
  • New point
    Creates a point on the map
  • Photo point
    Takes a photo and places it on the map
  • Quick new point
    Single-tap placing of predefined points on the map
  • LoPoints (offline)
    Searches and browses offline database of LoMap points of interest
  • Point alert
    Notifies of selected points getting closer
  • Nearest points
    Displays a list of the nearest points in selected categories
  • Import
    Adds points from outside of Locus


  • Geocaching4Locus
    Add-on for live-viewing, downloading and import of geocaches from
  • Geocaching tools
    Log management, PQs, graphic tools, etc.
  • FieldNotes
    Add-on for advanced handling of geocache offline logs (drafts or field notes)


  • Weather
    Online weather forecast for any place on Earth
  • Parking
    Saves your parking location and notifies of the parking time and place
  • QR code generator
    Renders QR codes with coords and other information
  • Quick bookmark
    Displays your current location acquired by Locus Map on a selected web map
  • Dashboard
    Activates overlay of various stats or charts above the map screen, creates new or modifies existing dashboards
  • Custom screen
    Screen fully customizable by an Android layout XML file

Set up

  • Settings
    General configuration of the app
  • Presets
    Changes multiple settings with a single tap
  • Quick settings
    Shortcuts to some settings
  • Sensor manager
    Manages sensors communicating with the app via Bluetooth and ANT+
  • Altitude manager
    Sets altitude offset, optimization by SRTM or pressure
  • Backup manager
    Backs up your tracks, points and settings. Restores within the app or on another device
  • Set function panels
    Adds, changes or removes buttons on the main screen


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