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About Points in Locus Map

Points in Locus Map, often referred to as Points of interest or abbreviated POIs are georeferenced information packages displayed above the map. In Locus Map, there are two main categories of POIs:

  • LoPoints
  • User points


This category of points is an integral part of LoMaps. LoPoints are combined output of the OpenStreetMap database and Wikipedia and carry a lot of information about almost all point objects on the map, beginning with peaks, abysses, viewpoints, and other landmarks and ending with civil facilities like post offices, ATMs, gas stations, etc. LoPoints can not be created, deleted, renamed or otherwise manipulated but you can be guided or navigated to them, you can share them, copy them, etc.

  • you can display LoPoints online or offline (when you have downloaded a particular offline LoMap)
  • you can display them above any other map - just tap LoPoints in the content panel

More about LoPoints >>

User points

This category of points is handled as independent on the map and is added to the app by a Locus user. These points can be downloaded from database sources around the world (e.g. geocaches from or imported from your device or cloud storage. They can be created on the spot or photographed. They are managed in the Points manager, can be stored in folders, grouped, sorted, filtered and edited in many ways.

These points are referred to across the application as just “points”.

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